On My Playlist: Matt Halpern

Periphery drummer Matt Halpern lists five tunes he's been digging on lately in terms of drumming chops.


Tips Of The Trade: Sing, Sing, Sing!

John Wicks tells we should always be singing the song we are playing so that we never risk overplaying or burying the message of the song.


Adam Carson: Where The Pocket Lies

AFI drummer Adam Carson talks about making the band's latest album, Burials, and where the pockets of a lot of songs come from.


Moment In History: Birth Of The Drum Set

We take a look at the birth of the drum set, expanding and evolving most noticeably during the radio era of the 1920s.


In Their Own Words: Tim Alexander

Tim Alexander gets an unexpected call from Primus main man Les Claypool, offering him his old job back as the band's backbeat.


Nathan Followill: The Driving Force

Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill has a newfound excitement for the life of a professional rock star. As long as nothing gets in the way of his golf game.


Tips Of The Trade: Lightning In A Bottle

Fitz & The Tantrums drummer John Wicks provides us with some advice on finding inspiration and chasing your muse.


Ryan Rabin: Laborer Of Love

Drummer/producer Ryan Rabin and his band Grouplove leapfrog the sophomore slump with a new collection of pop-perfect gems single-handedly constructed by the beat artist himself.

Performance, PASIC, Video

Mike Johnston Performs At PASIC 2013

Mike Johnston performs at PASIC 2013.


Mike Mangini: Wired Science

Lucky for Dream Theater, drummer Mike Mangini knows exactly how to keep the synapses firing and the creativity flowing at maximum intensity.