Gear Showcase, Snare Drums

William F. Ludwig lll introduces the WFL lll Drums

Ludwig Drums

William F. Ludwig lll announced the formation of his own designed WFL lll Drums at the 24th annual Chicago Drum Show.

Gear Showcase, Accessories, Cases & Bags

Kaces Marches Out New Bags

Kaces Kits

Kaces creates new storage kits for school drummers.

Gear Showcase, Snare Drums

Life Guild Drums Launches Custom Snare Drum Line

Life Guild Custom Snare

Life Guild Drums has released a new line of solid wood snare drums, with a twist

Gear Showcase, Cymbals, Video

First Listen To Crescent Element Cymbals

Crescent Element Cymbals

Company President Michael Vosbein tests the new Crescent Element cymbals.

Gear Showcase, Drum Sets, E-kits

DM Dock Makes iPad Into Super Drum Controller

DM Dock

Transform your iPad into a multi-touch surface drum module with the Alesis DM Dock.

Gear Showcase

Regal Tip Expands Cajon Brush Line

Regal Tip expands its line of Cajon brushes with the Swish and the Wave.

Artist Setup, Time Capsule

Steve Smith’s Kit Never Made The Journey

Steve Smith's drums were located, reunited, and returned to the original complete configuration you see above.

Gear Showcase, Accessories

Apogee Duet Bundle For Mac At Special Price

The Apogee Duet and Breakout Box are now available in a $695 bundle for Mac.

Gear Showcase, Cymbals

Sabian Goes Dark With HHX Omni

HHX Omni

The Sabian Omni HHX is designed with the widest possible sonic contrast and versatility of any cymbal.

Gear Showcase

Light The Gig With Dixon’s Brite Key

Dixon's Multifunctional Brite Key is the perfect solution to a low-light gig.