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Chad Smith: Kicking The “Higher Ground” Groove

Chad Smith shows us how he plays a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground."

Drum Parts

Matt Byrne On Hatebreed’s “Before The Fight”

Learn how to play Matt Byrne's drum parts on Hatebreed's "Before The Fight" off the album Divinity Of Purpose.

Hand Drum

Richie Gajate Garcia: How To Outfox Afoxe

Richie Gajate-Garcia teaches us how to play "afoxe," a rhythm played often by a Brazilian group of percussionists called Manobloco.

Practice Pad, Jazz

Wally Schnalle: What Do I Do With That?

Wally Schnalle shows us how to revoice paradiddles you already know in a new way to create a new groove.

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Morello “Loop” Solo Variation #1

Danny Gottlieb breaks down Joe Morello's solo on Dave Brubeck Quartet's "Sounds Of The Loop."

Style Issue

Brad Schlueter: The Elements Of Fills

The best drummers care more about making beats and fills groove hard than impressing their peers. This may seem like a daunting task that can take decades to figure out and perfect. Fortunately, there’s an easy three-step process to achieve this.

Practice Pad, Metal, Video

Glen Sobel: Double Bass Shuffle

Alice Cooper drummer and DRUM! Magazine columnist Glen Sobel demonstrates the double-bass shuffle.

Practice Pad, Fusion

Wally Schnalle: Spicing The Ride

These examples will give you some patterns that will help you season your ride and complement the music just right.

Drum Parts

Carlos Cruz On “Towers Of The Serpent”

While every track on Warbringer's latest album qualifies as a musical mindblow, we chose to focus on drummer Carlos Cruz’ work on “Towers Of The Serpent.”

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Chad Smith: JB Gave The Drummer Some

Chad Smith breaks down some basic funk beats and shows us how he improvises off some legendary drummers' licks.