Drum Parts

Chris Prescott Of Pinback: “Proceed To Memory”

We take a look at drummer Chris Prescott's chops on his band Pinback's track, "Proceed To Memory" off the album, Information Retrieved.

Practice Pad, Jazz

Tony Williams’ “Walkin’” Solo

Danny Gottlieb gives us a transcription of the first 13 bars of Tony Williams' solo on the classic Miles Davis tune, "Walkin'."

Drum Parts

Eric Moore Of Suicidal Tendencies: “Smash It”

David Weiss breaks down Eric Moore's chops on the Suicidal Tendencies track, "Smash It," off the band's first studio album in 13 years, 13.

Practice Pad, Speed

Crank Your Speed With The One-Handed Roll

Tiger Bill's third speed lesson focuses on developing the one-handed roll.

Practice Pad, World

Jim Donovan: Return of Zebola

Jim Donovan dives a bit deeper into a drum-set adaptation of the Central African piece Zebola.

Practice Pad, Rock

Matt Byrne: Swinging In Seven

Matt Byrne switches up some swing beats and drops the snare into odd time. See if you can keep up!

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Dave Brogan Of ALO: “Speed Of Dreams”

We ask Dave Brogan about his band ALO's latest album, Sounds Like This, and a project involving jazz drummer Pete Magadini.

Practice Pad, Groove

Herman Matthews: Listen To The Dance!

We learn how to play a samba, which Herman Matthews considers the mother of all Latin rhythms.

Practice Pad, Jazz

Danny Gottlieb: Airto Aids

Danny Gottlieb teaches the modern jazz drummer the importance of learning Brazilian drumming styles.

Drum Parts

Practice Pad: Robert Ortiz Of Escape The Fate

Learn how to play Escape The Fate drummer Robert Ortiz' drum parts on "You're Insane" off the band's album, Ungrateful.