Our History

Enter Music Publishing was formed by Andy Doerschuk, Phil Hood, Connie Hood, and Kristine Ekstrand in 1991 with a simple idea in mind: To reach as many young drummers as possible and help them achieve their musical goals.

The first issue of DRUM! — an oversized tabloid featuring studio legend Joe Franco and Anthrax’s Charlie Benante on the cover — came out in September of that year. It was a free magazine, given away in West Coast music and record shops.

We’re proud that DRUM! was the first free drumming magazine in its field, even though we would discover that it wasn’t profitable to expand our distribution concept beyond California. Eventually, DRUM! became a glossy newsstand publication with a sticker price, and our readership grew worldwide.

DRUM! has been proud to be the first drumming magazine to feature some of the most important drummers over the past 22 years on its cover. The elite group includes Carter Beauford, Taylor Hawkins, Travis Barker, and Mitch Mitchell, as well as all three artists featured in this year’s DRUM! Night Festival.

In addition to publishing DRUM!, Enter Music Publishing has also published TRAPS and HOW TO PLAY DRUMS magazines; DRUMmagazine.com is one of the top drumming websites in the United States; and the company has staged DRUM! Night annually since 2010.

Prior to starting DRUM! Andy played with The Naughty Sweeties, Billy Vera and the Beaters, The Pop, and other bands in Los Angeles. In the ’80s and ’90s he performed or recorded with a who’s who of music royalty from Rick Derringer to Leslie West to blues stars like Debbie Davies and Tommy Castro. He continues to play drums regularly with blues artists throughout northern California.

While working at Guitar Player Publications (now New Bay Media, musicplayer.com) Andy and Phil first teamed up to produce Drums & Drumming. In its too-brief existence, Drums & Drumming won kudos for its design and approach to stories. But it went down in flames in 1991 when the company’s new owners closed it in a round of cost cutting. But the D&D experience proved invaluable. Andy was the editor of dozens of books and also the launch editor of Bass Player magazine. Phil formerly was the editor of Frets and also the original publisher of EQ magazine.

After the demise of Drums & Drumming, DRUM! was born less than a year later.

  • 1991

    • The first issue of DRUM! is published with Charlie Benante and Joe Franco on the cover.
  • 1992

    • First magazine to publish a cover story on Chad Smith.
  • 1993

    • DRUM! stages the world’s first all-electronic percussion expo in Los Angeles.
    • First special issue on electronic percussion.
    • Moved to Lincoln Avenue in the Willow Glen section of San Jose.
  • 1994

    • First drumming magazine online (AOL)
  • 1995

    • First drumming magazine to cover Carter Beauford
    • First drumming magazine with a special issue on hand drumming.
  • 1996

    • The Drummies! Awards are launched.
    • DRUM! introduces Stark Raving Brad, to the consternation of bluenoses everywhere.
    • First cover story on Taylor Hawkins
  • 1998

    • Believe it or not, DRUM! publishes the world’s first Mitch Mitchell cover story.
    • 50th Issue. Moved to North Ninth Street in Japantown.
    • Moved to Lincoln Avenue in the Willow Glen section of San Jose.
  • 1999

    • First special issue on female drummers (what took us so long?).
    • First magazine to write about the amazing John Otto.
  • 2000

    • DRUM’s February issue is available with four different covers celebrating artists of the past decade.
    • First drumming magazine to put Travis Barker on its cover.
  • 2001

    • Best selling issue of the year: How to Play Fast.
  • 2002

    • Special Issue on Recording is a first for the drumming magazine business.
  • 2003

    • Stick It! Magazine expires and DRUM! takes over the subscriber list.
  • 2004

    • DRUM! puts a career board game in the magazine.
  • 2005

    • DRUM! introduces Collector Cards.
    • DRUM! runs a poster in nearly every issue.
  • 2006

    • Launch of TRAPS magazine.
    • Launch of HOW TO PLAY DRUMS, a magazine/dvd for intermediate players
  • 2007

    • Launch of short-lived first digital edition of a drumming magazine called DRUM! DIGITAL
  • 2009-2010

    • Remarkable Run Of Legends On The Cover: Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Travis Barker, Jason Bittner, Matt Cameron, Steve Jordan, Dave Lombardo.
    • DRUM! Night launches with Tower Of Power, Thomas Pridgen, and Marco Minnemann concert.
  • 2011

    • Hall of Fame established with February Issue.
    • Mike Bordin wins BADAAS award (Bay Area Drummers Achievement Award) at DRUM! Night.
    • DRUM! launches global ad network for percussion advertisers, the Enter Music Network.
  • 2012

    • Big Cymbal Issue released: Readers call it "the best issue of any drumming magazine ever."
    • DRUMmagazine.com reaches 125,000 visitors monthly
    • First female drumming contest Hit Like A Girl 2012 launched with partners. Hit Like A Girl
  • 2013

    • The "200 Greatest Moments In Drumming Issue" released in February.
    • DRUMmagazine.com becomes North America's most popular drumming website.