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What you need are informed, motivated consumers and DRUM! delivers them. With its “Play Better Faster” focus, DRUM! gives drummers information they can use to make gear decisions and build career strategies that make sense in today’s music business. Every page is packed with with tips about recording, performing, practicing, improving body and mind, and just getting down to the basics of being a better drummer. The result? Our readers are in tune with what they need to know and the tools they need to buy.


DRUM! is your 360-degree brand for connecting with drummers worldwide. Check out our digital editions, email strategies, social media, digital ad network, giveaways, events, and other opportunities to connect with your potential customers.

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“In these interesting economic conditions, advertising dollars are more important than ever before. We have been working with DRUM! Magazine since the very beginning and value our relationship bringing Remo, Inc.’s branding message to the percussion market.”

—Sue Kincade, Manager Advertising Media, Remo

“I like to think I’ve had my hands in a few cool things over the past 25 plus years in MI. If I was to be in publishing I would have done it the way the people at DRUM! have — with class, accuracy, and innovation. Since 1994 they’ve been part of my marketing DNA.”

—John Roderick VP New Business, Avedis Zildjian Co.

“DRUM! Magazine is progressive. A willingness to try new things and an open minded approach helps us successfully market our innovative products to the right audience in new and innovative ways.”

— Scott Donnell, Director of Marketing, Drum Workshop