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Ad rates are per month for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12-month campaigns.

Impressions 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
50,000 300 275 265 250
150,000 750 675 600 500
250,000 1000 900 825 750
Banner Sizes


For specific information, or to inquire about placing a schedule, contact Phil Hood., 408 971-9794 ext. 203.


  • Minimum contract: $250. Credit card billing required on orders less than $500.
  • Minimum contract length: Three months or 150,000 impressions.
  • Terms: For billed orders, 30 days net. No discount for early pay. Please remit in full to DRUM!, 95 South Market St. #450, San Jose, CA 95113. A penalty of 1.5% per month will be assessed on overdue bills. Invoices past 60 days forfeit agency discounts. Accounts over 120 days are automatically sent to collections.
  • Lead-time: Ad materials are due three (3) working days before beginning of month or campaign start.
  • Corrections: Corrections or changes to advertiser-supplied materials are billed at $50 per hour.


How often will my ad appear?
Our server allocates your ad to appear on pages at a rate so that you will receive roughly the same number of page views on each day of your campaign. For instance, if you purchase 150,000 ad impressions, then your ad will be seen approximately 5,000 times per day for thirty days (5000 x 30 = 150,000).

Can I run two different ads?
Yes, you can run up to five ads in a single campaign per month. They can be the same ad in different sizes or they could be two different ads for different products within a single campaign.

When can I change my campaign?
You may substitute new ads into your campaign at any time.

Can I target a particular country?
Yes, we can run your ad to target countries, states, or even cities. Keep in mind that the narrower your target area the fewer ad impressions we will have available.

How often will I receive reports?
We can generate reports on any schedule you prefer, from daily to monthly. Reports will include # of times your ad is viewed, # of clicks, and web site location.

Why can’t I see my ad when I visit the site?
The network has dozens of ads running on nine different sites. So it may be difficult to find your ad when you visit one of your sites, no matter how often you refresh the page. The important metric is not how often you see your ad, but how often your users see the ad.

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