Gig At Lou’s Pier 47, San Francisco, 7/29/09

Andy Doerschuk, Lou’s, SF, 7/29/09

This was filmed at a gig I played last year at Lou’s Pier 47, a long-lived blues club on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The venue is both loved and hated by the local blues community because of its heavy density of travelers from all over the world who swarm the city’s infamous tourist district only to encounter little but tacky t-shirts shops, some very creative panhandlers, and Lou’s Pier 47, where I often play. Tips were good far and wide while the Euro was strong.

In this clip I play an arrangement of B.B. King’s classic, “The Thrill Is Gone,” with the serious blues veteran, guitarist Daniel Castro. Perhaps most notable was the absence of Daniel’s venerable keyboardist Billy Hancock, who had just moved from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe, where he had lived a few years earlier. Sitting in in Billy’s place is the percolating Tommy Thompson from the celebrated East Bay outfit, the Alameda Allstars — A.K.A. Greg Allman’s backup band in the ’90s. On bass is the ever-steady Glade Rasmussen, my pal. You can check out my full gig calendar here.

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