Drumming On The Web: What’s Online Today?

Drums On The Web: Today’s Stories

We like to lurk. We subsist to surf. And this morning I spotted a few noteworthy articles and interviews with drummers on the web that you might want to see for yourself.

Tribute To A Former Bandmate
Following the death of Type O Negative bassist and vocalist Peter Steele, who apparently suffered a heart attack on Wednesday, April 14, former Type O Negative drummer Sal Abruscato (who worked with the band in the early ’90s) gave a statement to the metal music site blabbermouth, which you can read here. It’s a shame. Steele was only 49 years old.

Jae Sinnett Interviewed
A quick Q&A on the Newport News, Virginia Daily Press website with jazz drummer Jae Sinnett caught our eye. Sinnett (who also doubles as an announcer on the radio show R&B Chronicles for local Norfolk, Virginia Public Radio station WHRV-FM) talks about how he recorded his new live album, Theatre, in a number of venues throughout Virginia, as well as offering a few quips about creativity, spoken word performances, and his early influences. Check it out here.

Cowell Tells Young Drummer To Ditch Family
Are you as sick as we are of American Idol’s arrogant windbag Simon Cowell? And yet, if you’re exactly like us, you can’t help but look whenever a news item touts his latest hissy fit — kind of like the way you instinctively shoot a glance at a car wreck on the freeway, even though you really don’t want to see it. Well, Cowell laid his latest egg on Britain’s Got Talent (the UK version of American Idol) when he told a talented 13-year-old drummer named Kieran Gaffney that he had to choose between his family and career. A 13 year old! Read about his expert family counseling skills here. What a genius.

Golden Years Of Drumming
A story you would never see in drumming magazine or blogs — Mary Jo Wuenschel, an 80-year-old Texan, spoke to the Ultimate Pearland website about finally realizing her lifelong dream of learning how to play drums, which you can find here. Apparently the tireless retiree squeezes drum lessons between line dancing and exercise classes. Hey, it’s never too late to pick up a drum stick!

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