The DRUM! Magazine Manifesto

The DRUM! Magazine Manifesto

This isn’t just a job to us. We actually believe in a few things.

We believe that drummers are extremely cool people. Every day in the office reinforces that notion as we conduct interviews with pros and read letters from readers. I’m not the first to suggest that drummers have a special bond when compared to our fellow musicians. We love to hang together. I mean, when was the last time you heard about anyone going to a tuba circle?

We believe in communication — in print, online, by carrier pigeon, if need be. Whatever the vehicle, we are compelled to exchange ideas, encourage debate, share knowledge, cautions, tips, jokes. But that’s not enough. Communication must travel in both directions — from us to you, and you to us. There’s so much to learn. We’re as hungry as you are.

We believe in community. It’s a natural outgrowth of open dialog. It happens whenever two drummers lean elbows on the counter of a drum shop, or share trade secrets backstage before a show, or sit shoulder-to-shoulder at a clinic. We believe it’s important for all of us to remember that others have come before us. Still more will follow. We’re in this together.

We believe — no, we insist — in quality. We believe that quality should be embedded in the entire package. We believe in good writing. We believe in powerful graphics. We believe in accurate transcriptions. Loud colors. Punchy copy. Editorial detail. Smart editing. We believe in precision, sharp edges, packing value into every paragraph.

We believe that this job is a privilege. We are drummers and journalists who get to write about drumming full time, every day. It’s the perfect marriage of our passions. We don’t squeeze magazine work between tours and recording sessions — we do just the opposite. While we play drums whenever possible, our focus remains trained on every article that will ultimately wind up before your eyes. Because of that, we don’t take lightly our commitment to you, our readers. You come first.

We believe drumming can save the world. No kidding. We believe that as more people play drums, the closer they grow to each other. How else can you explain the team building that occurs organically at drum circles? Every drummer wants to play drums with other people. Even those practicing right now in the solitude of a rehearsal studio are preparing to collaborate with other musicians. The more the world comes together, the more quickly we understand that we are all just people, trying our best.

We believe that DRUM! Magazine isn’t about us — the people who create it. We aren’t in publishing to raise profiles or become household names. We believe that DRUM! Magazine is about you, our readers and drumming partners. That’s what we have believed for the past 19 years, and it will never change.

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