2010 Warped Tour Shredders

Punk In Public: 2010 Warped Tour

Drummers: Derek Grant, Mike Fuentes, Chris Smith, and more.
Venue: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California, June 26, 2010

After 16 years, most music festivals would be played out but the annual Warped Tour has managed to simultaneously expand and refine itself while staying true to its punk roots. For a few years there, Warped had a pop-punk samey-ness. There's still some of that but this year's lineup addressed the full punk spectrum from old-school quaint (The Dickies; Agent Orange) to nü-school extreme (Bring Me The Horizon; Suicide Silence; White Chapel) and all points in between, be it melodic metalcore (After Midnight Project; Pierce The Veil; You Me At Six), car commercial–ready pop (Motion City Soundtrack; All-American Rejects) or the assorted oddball such as Enter Shikari, a trance-hardcore hybrid from the U.K. Why do we emphasize the diversity? Because it translates into eclectic, tasty drumming styles. Get a load of the cats layin' it down:

Pierce The Veil drummer Mike Fuentes. Check the cut-out section of the TRX logo on his trash cymbal.

The workman-like Gavin Parsons filled in for Kevin Lane of Knoxville deathcore quintet Whitechapel.

Scott Preece, of early '80s U.K. punks GBH, spritzed his band's thrashy sound with double-pedal.

When Enter Shikari's regular drummer couldn't get his visa sorted in time for the tour, Tyler Mahurin (ex-Static Lullaby) lent a hand. Several, actually.

After Midnight Project's Danny Morris announced he was leaving the band two weeks ago but his replacement seems to be fitting right in.

The selfless, tasteful playing of Derek Grant was one of the best parts of Alkaline Trio's set.

Chris Smith, of Chicago's AM Taxi, anchoring the Skull Candy Stage.

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