Beautiful Day In LA: Visiting LADS

Beautiful Day In LA: Los Angeles Drum Services

I took a day trip to Los Angeles last month to visit various companies in the drum business including Alfred Publishing, Guitar Center, and Los Angeles Drum Services. We had a particularly good time at Los Angeles Drum Services--LADS for short.

Drum Services just scratches the surface of what these guys offer. For their clients they do everything from cymbal cleaning to kit building to metal fabrication. They offer rehearsal space, drum storage, and career consultation.They rent back line equipment for events and productions and set it up, so when a client shows up to play a show like "Ellen" his kit is ready to go. If a client calls ahead they'll take his or her kit out of storage, set it up in a soundproof rehearsal studio, and then return it to storage when they are done.

The owners, Bobby Boos and Chris Achzet, have five decades of combined experience in artist relations, touring, drumteching and more. They joined forces in 2011 to form LADS. The pictures tell the story.

Dave Black

The day started at Alfred Publishing, where publisher Phil Hood got to present Dave Black with his Drummie Award for his Alfred Method book--the best-selling method book of all time. Well done.

Glenn Noyes

Next stop: Guitar Center headquarters. Here I'm getting the photo I always wanted. Years ago there was a series of ads that showed Guitar Center drum buyer Glen Noyes with various celebrities. Now I've got my Glenn Noyes celeb shot.

2013 Musik Messe

Glenn's office is classic. Here's a shot of the walls. That's David Levine of TRX Cymbals sitting at the conference table.

Los Angeles Drum Services

Los Angeles Drum Services is located near Burbank Airport on a nondescript street. Inside is where the magic happens.

Bobby Boos and Chris Achzet started Los Angeles Drum Services to provide a variety of design, building, storage, and support services to touring drummers.


Every good drum services shop needs a hallway jukebox and gold records on the wall.

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