Bold Modesty: Georgia Hubley

Bashful and Bold: Georgia Hubley

Drummer: Georgia Hubley

Band:Yo La Tengo

Venue:Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA on October 17

Georgia Hubley is one of the most bashful and modest drummers I've had the pleasure to meet. I truly wonder what Georgia and the rest of Yo La Tengo's secret is to staying so humble through their fame after over two decades of playing shows and recording over ten strong full-length albums.


Georgia has great form, playing with amazingly full forced wrist action. She has a fairly unique setup with her cymbals pointing upward (see photo below).

Yo La Tengo is a band of multi-instrumentalists and all make an appearance on drums throughout their live performance.


Playing other instruments, strengthens your knowledge of your relationship of the rhythm to the melody. Georgia also plays guitar and sings backing and lead vocals. She plays the drums left-handed, but apparently plays guitar with right-handed (see below).

Georgia was featured in DRUM! here.


When not designing web pages, plonking her rare guitars or banging on her eBay drums, Leslie Hampton haunts northern California clubs and house concerts photographing musicians.

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