Brian Brignac Brings It

Brian Brignac with Sonny Landreth

By Phil Hood Published September 6, 2009

Band: Sonny Landreth

Venue: Music In The Park, San Jose, CA, August 20, 2009

Sonny Landreth may be America's most unsung guitar hero. Using slide and picking techniques that are his alone, Sonny carves a new chapter in blues guitar every time he steps on stage. This night was no different as Sonny was supported by Dave Ranson, his bassist since Sonny was 13, and drummer Brian Brignac. I have a theory--your funkiness as a blues musician is directly related to how far you are from New Orleans. So, if you're from Memphis or Houston, you just naturally have a leg up on a musician from Toronto or Spokane. Brian Brignac not only delivers good solid backbeats, but also adds that special sauce that you expect from the land of gumbo and jumbalya. Kudos go to the soundman for this show--the Pearl drums sounded huge, but clean.

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