Caught Live: Daniel Francis Doyle

Daniel Francis Doyle, the true definition of a one man band.

By Leslie Hampton Published June 11, 2010

Drummer: Daniel Francis Doyle

Band: Daniel Francis Doyle

Venue: Texas Toast House, May 7th

Daniel Francis Doyle is a great phenomenon and the true definition of a one man band; guitar, guitar, vocals and drums. Daniel playing hard with a youthful crowd gathered around at this house show. Daniel uses a Line 6 DL-4 to loop guitar parts and places it near his hi hat foot pedal. He hits it on and off, and sometimes reverse to create new melodies. He does this all while drumming and singing. I think larger parts of instrumentation that break up the vocal parts he probably uses to catch his breath before he shouts out some more lyrics. His music could be described as DIY, mathy in parts, punk and one of the most amazingly insane music performances you could ever see.


When not designing web pages, plonking her rare guitars or banging on her eBay drums, Leslie Hampton haunts northern California clubs and house concerts photographing musicians.

[Ed. Note: Each episode of Caught In The Act features a photo of a drummer in action, from the famous like Danny Carey to the not-so-famous local indies. If you're a photographer who'd like to feature your work in Caught In The Act, drop us a note.]

Images © Leslie Hampton 2010.

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