Chicago Show Part 2: The People

Chicago Drum Show 2013: The People

The 23rd annual Chicago Vintage and Custom Drum show is in the record books. The show, started by Rob Cook of Rebeats, is the world's premier collectible drum event. This year we met vintage drum fanatics who came from as far as Japan and Finland for the show. In part we present a gallery of clinicians and people at the event. Part 1 focuses on the drums.

Jim Haler

People of the Chicago Show: Jim Haler of Yamaha showed up to talk and answer questions with the crowd. The first Yamaha drums appeared in 1974.

East Hall

The show has two halls. The East (pictured) is all exhibits, while the west one has exhibits and clinics.

Taloose drums

Francine Bellson, Louie's widow, shared a booth at the show with Terry Loose of Power Wrist Builders.

Louie Bellson portrait

Louie Bellson was commemorated in a portrait done by Michael Del Priore. Michael's day gig is painting portraits for politicians and other luminaries. This one is headed to a museum, no doubt.

Louie Bellson portrait

Rob Cook of the Chicago Drum Show, artist Michael Del Priore and Francine Bellson with the Louie Bellson portrait.

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