Dale Crover of Shrinebuilder; A Storm Of Light’s Andy Rice

Dale Crover: Shrinebuilder

By Andrew Lentz Published February 4, 2010

Drummers: Dale Crover/Andy Rice

Photographer:A. Lentz

Venue:Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, California, March 6, 2010

What's Up: A night of Northern California doom bands headlined by Shrinebuilder, an indie-metal super group featuring Melvins basher Dale Crover on drums. A Storm Of Light's Andy Rice pummeled with tribalistic furor. Neurosis founder Steve Von Till was on the bill with new project Harvestman, featuring the eerily beautiful and disturbing guitar textures he likes to call "heathen psych."

Dale Crover's deep groove, blazing fills, and surprising accents are one of the best parts of Shrinebuilder's bluesy doom rock.

Crover's rapid-fire attack at odd moments on a splash or China was dope. The singer/drummer also sports a head set.

Andy Rice gets way into the pocket of A Storm Of Light's psychedelic heaviness. Don't see too many Noble & Cooley kits.

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