Damien Wendel of Worker Bee

Damien Wendel of Worker Bee

By Leslie Hampton Published August 6, 2009

Damien Wendel

Band: Worker Bee

Venue: The Blank Club, San Jose, CA (July 8th)

Damien's is all about a strong backbone for the melody. He uses every piece of his kit to shape a unique sound, like maracas being used in lieu of drum sticks. And, he is aided on songs such as "Nesting" by other band members chipping in on thundering floor toms, creating a sound as powerful as taiko drums. On Worker Bee's newest album, Tangler they are able to capture the energy and depth of their live sound in their recordings. This particular show was a "File Release Party".

Download Tangler now: http://workerbee.bandcamp.com

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/workerbeebuzz

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