Dave Garibaldi Caught Live In Santa Cruz

Garibaldi The Great

Drummer: David Garibaldi
Band: Tower Of Power

Photographer Jerome Brunet shot the recent Santa Cruz Blues Festival and captured David Garibaldi in perfect form.
Web Site: http://www.towerofpower.com

Jerome Brunet is a great photographer whose work is characterized by desaturated tones and an impeccable eye for live performance. Check out his shots of Thomas Pridgen in this portfolio shot at DRUM!'s 2010 Rhythm Night.

[Ed. Note: Each episode of Caught In The Act features a photo of a drummer in action, from the famous like Danny Carey to the not-so-famous local indies. If you're a photographer who'd like to feature your work in Caught In The Act, drop us a note.]

Image © Jerome Brunet 2011.

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