DRUM!‘s Los Angeles Diary: Part One

A Los Angeles Diary: Part One

Our trip to Tycoon, Paiste, and Taye

Last week we had the opportunity to spend two days in Los Angeles, visiting manufacturers and artist relations facilities. On Wednesday we landed in Ontario, California and headed off for a day exploring what's new at Tycoon Percussion, Taye Drums, and Paiste Cymbals. Come along, and see what we found.

Tycoon Percussion

Last year Tycoon moved into a new larger warehouse in Ontario. This office houses US sales, artist relations, and shipping.

Nicole Abucejo

First contact: Nicole Abucejo holds down the marketing coordinator position at Tycoon.

Ivy Yu

Ivy Yu, shown here at last month's PASIC event, must be about the youngest company President in the DRUM! business. She is responsible for Tycoon's US operation.

Conference room

Next stop, the conference room, which also houses an artist demo space. By the way, if you ever need a nine-foot tall Khong Yao drum, Tycoon is the place..

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