DRUM!‘s Los Angeles Diary: Part One

Tycoon congas

One of the best things Tycoon has introduced are high quality, carvings, shavings, and other techniques for finishing their high-end congas.

Tycoon cajons

Tycoon manufactures all its products at its own factory in Thailand. It offers a dazzling array of cajons, including acrylic models.

Tycoon Warehouse

Into the warehouse. Tycoon's facility is large giving the still-young company room to grow. This is Tycoon Music's 30th year, but as a global percussion brand it is much younger.

Wall of Cajons

No trip would be complete without the ever-popular wall of cajons. Maybe they should rename the warehouse!.

Artist gear

Looking slightly forlorn in a corner of the warehouse, seconds, and artist's instruments in for repair, await attention..

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