Great Gear Shines At Chicago Show 2013

Trick mounting system

Trick always makes first class accessories. This is their new free-floating mounting system carved from a single chunk of aluminum. It doesn't have a product name yet.

Bello Drums

Bello is a fiberglass drum company located in Greenville, Pennsylvania. The drums are light with a clear, glass tone.

Nate Brown's Nate Brown testing out the Bello fiberglass set.

Camco Drums

Classic '60s Camco set with 20" bass drum. I think I'm trippin'.

MBW Drums

MBW Drums makes these amazing distressed finishes. I wish we had more to show you. Oh yeah, they sounded pretty good, too.

Out Of The Drawer Drums

Out of the Drawer makes these interesting vaguely ashiko-style stave drums from scrap wood. They were an interesting new addition to the show.

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