Great Gear Shines At Chicago Show 2013

Out of the Drawer Drums

Because the show is not too large, there's plenty of time to meet people, make new drum friends, and find out about the drums.


Phil Dedman of Deddrums has a mission. To apply some fine art techniques to drum making. Looks like he's succeeding.

Boom Alley

Long winters must be the reason there are so many good drum builders in Minnesota. David Hanzel of Boom Alley makes great drums and has designed innovative composite lugs to enhance shell vibration.

Jenkins Martin Drums

I knew they'd have great looking fiberglass drums at Jenkins-Martin, who also make the Blaemire shells. Their process allows them to embed these great colors.

Bernie Stone Drums

Bernie Stone of Stone Custom looks pretty happy. Someone had just placed a big order for his custom shells.

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