Hit Like A Girl Winners Celebrate

Hit Like A Girl 2013 Winners Celebrate

Champs Crowned At Drumchannel Show

The 2013 Hit Like A Girl Contest concluded last night with a live global webcast on Drumchannel featuring the winners in the Over 18 and Under 18 divisions. Valeria Sepulveda of Chile was the winner in the older category while 10-year old Alexey of Las Vegas, Nevada won in the Under 18 category. The event was hosted by DRUM! publisher Phil Hood, Tom Tom Magazine publisher Mindy Abovitz and judges Meytal Cohen, Shauney "Baby" Recke and Jess Bowen of the Summer Set (via Skype).

Alexey Poblete

Under 18 winner Alexey Poblete of Las Vegas won with her rendition of a Five Finger Death Punch tune.

Gals in the greenroom.

Fooling around in the green room before the show. From left judge Shauney "Baby" Recke, Marlhy Murphy, Valeria Sepulveda, and Alexey Poblete.

Tom Tom

Valeria Sepulveda of Chile, winner in the Over 18 category, discovers Tom Tom Magazine in the green room.

Marlhy Murphy

Marlhy Murphy, one of four drummers chosen for special recognition, eventually won the Most Inspirational Award. Cool hat.

Valeria Sepulveda

Judge Meytal Cohen makes her entrance, with dog Django.

Drumchannel studio

Getting ready for the show: Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom, Bob Terry of Yamaha, Shauney Recke, and David Levine of TRX Cymbals.

Drumchannel studio

Pre-show milling around the set. Drumchannel's studio is a great size for professional production.

Drumchannel control room

Upstairs in the Drumchannel control room.

Cue Cards

Got the cue cards in place.

Meytal and Django

Meytal and Django check out the script before the show.

The Winner

Now we're live. Over 18 winner Valeria Sepulveda was introduced by Jess Bowen of the Summer Set (via Skype on the screen). Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom (left) and Phil Hood of DRUM! (right) were the hosts.


Shauney presents 10-year old Alexey with her award. She says "I wanted drums when I was six but my mommy and daddy wouldn't buy them." Fortunately they relented.

Marlhy Murphy7

Marlhy Murphy wins a PDP snare drum with the Most Inspirational Award.

Industry roundtable Hit Like A Girl Contest

Sponsors from the industry discuss the background to the contest. Scott Donnell, marketing director of DW Drums; Bob Terry of Yamaha DTX; Mindy Abovitz; Phil Hood; David Levine.

The Drumchannel Crew

The Drumchannel crew (minus David Veillon) really knows their stuff.

The winners Hit Like A Girl Contest 2013

The winners: Alexey (Under 18); Mindy Abovitz; Valeria (Over 18)

End of show Hit Like a Girl Contest

Bye Bye. From left Phil Hood of DRUM!; Valeria Sepulveda; Mindy Aboviz of Tom Tom; Alexey Poblete; Shauney "Baby" Recke; Marlhy Murphy; David Levine ofTRX; Bob Terry of Yamaha DTX.

Hit Like A Girl 2013 is produced by DRUM! Magazine in conjunction with Tom Tom: The Magazine Of Female Drummers and TRX Cymbals and sponsored by leading drum companies including Pacific Drums & Percussion, Drum Workshop, Yamaha DTX Drums, Evans Drumheads, Vater Sticks, and SKB Cases and Bags. Additional prize sponsors include Alfred Publishing, Online Drummer, and Tunebot. Media sponsors include Robert Downs Photography, Drummercafe, Drumchannel, Drummagazine.com, Drumlink.com, idrum (UK), Drums & Percussion (Germany), Indian Drummer (India), theBlackpage.net (Canada), and Boteros.com (Chile). Nonprofit sponsors include MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women) and Drum For Goodness Sake.

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