Caught in The Act

Jason Bittner Gallery From DRUM! Night 2013

DRUM! Night 2013 clinics kicked off with Jason Bittner, who managed to live up to his reputation as a powerhouse double-bass thrasher while surprising the crowd with styles and techniques rarely associated with metal drumming.

Jason Bittner

Here’s my favorite shot from the reams of photos that have thus far made it to the DRUM! office. Here we get the rare chance to share the exact view Bittner had as he launched into his set.

Jason Bittner

Bittner concentrates on placing his notes in direct proportion to the click track blasting into his headphones.

Jason Bittner

A maze of stands, cymbals, drums, laptops, and water bottles surround Bittner during his clinic.

Jason Bittner

Check out the perspective from the balcony as Bittner improvises a chops-heavy solo for the crowd.


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