Jeff Jagged Whirls; Jon Ruiz Powers

Jonathan Ruiz, Jeff Jagged

By Leslie Hampton Published September 21, 2009

Drummer: Jonathan Ruiz

Band: Matsuri

Venue: Nickel City, San Jose, CA, August 19, 2009

Jonathan Ruiz is a powerhouse drummer mixing jazz, punk and hardcore elements in his work. He Had to be a fast learner as he had only a couple of practices sessions before jumping in to replace Matsuri's departed drummer. Jonathan's skills are on high demand. He's shared by a few bands, including one I play guitar in, Jubilant Low.

Jonathan is currently recording a new EP with Matsuri that will be released in the Fall.


Drummer: Jeff Jagged

Band: Dirty Pillows

Venue: Nickel City, San Jose, CA, August 19, 2009

Jagged only appears laid back. Notice how angled his tom is, compared to Ruiz's flat setup.

One Half of the retro dirty rock duo, Dirty Pillows, Jeff Jagged channels the powers of Mick Avory and Jon Bonham with his gorgeous giant Ludwig tubs. He's a dervish with all four limbs moving, and he gets his vocal chords moving to sing backup as well. Jeff also runs On The Corner Music in Campbell, California, where montly shows are put on by Nostalgic Underground.


When not designing web pages, plonking her rare guitars or banging on her eBay drums, Leslie Hampton haunts northern California clubs and house concerts photographing musicians.

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