Kenny Aronoff: A Day At The Office

Caught In The Act: Kenny Aronoff

Kenny Aronoff is perhaps the world's busiest drummer. It all started when he played with John Cougar Mellencamp more than three decades ago and his snare drums sounded so big and crisp and loud that it was like the background noise of the universe, caused by the echo of the big bang, temporarily disappeared. That's when his phone started ringing. Three decades on he is the first call if you need to honor musical royalty at the Kennedy Center, or support the Beatles on their 50th anniversary, or just need the world's fastest study to fill in for a night on a major tour. But his day job is cutting tracks at home for producers and artists all over the world. On this day he was in his Uncommon Studios recording tracks for an artist named Beverly. In the days before he recorded four Bodeans tracks. Tomorrow it will be someone else who needs perfection in a hurry.

Thanks to Robert Downs for the shot.

kenny aronoff
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