Louie Diller of Dizzy Balloon

Caught Live: Louie Diller

By Leslie Hampton Published July 15, 2009

Louie Diller

Band: Dizzy Balloon

Venue: Nickel City Arcade, San Jose, CA (July 10th)

Dizzy Balloon's name evokes the Sixties and they play with the energy of a band from like the Beatles or the Monkees. Every set, Louie takes a drum solo—something I usually find pretentious and unnecessary, but he's an exception. The rest of the band seem to take this as a personal tribute to the leader of their rhythm section. Louie has taken their pop songs and ballads to the next level with his skill and energetic style. It is clear that Louie loves drumming and you can't help but put a big grin on your face for such enthusiasm.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/dizzyballoon

Next gig: August 7th, Oakland Museum (Amoeba Music Main Stage), Oakland CA

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