Paul Haile Of Not To Reason Why

Caught Live: Paul Haile of Not To Reason Why

Drummer: Paul Haile
Band: Not To Reason Why
Venue: Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA

Not To Reason Why is a piano/bass/guitar/drums quartet with heavy rhythms and soaring guitars..

Web site:

Below: Paul Haile (right) with Nick of Goodriddler (left) also at the Phoenix, Theater in Petaluma, California.

When not designing web pages, plonking her rare guitars or banging onher eBay drums, LeslieHampton haunts northern California clubs and house concertsphotographing musicians.

[Ed. Note: Each episode of Caught In The Act features a photo of a drummer in action, from the famous like Danny Carey to the not-so-famous local indies. If you're a photographer who'd like to feature your work in Caught In The Act, drop us a note.]

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