Sebastian Schultz Offers A Unique Twist

Sebastian Schultz Offers A Unique Twist

Leslie Hampton Pubslished on November 2, 2009

Artist: Sebastian Schultz

Band: Bad Veins

Venue: Nickel City, San Jose, CA on September 5, 2009

Bad Veins is a two piece with a singer/guitarist/keyboard player and drummer with a unique twist. The singer uses an old telephone as a microphone and they both play to loops that have been pre-recorded on a reel to reel. It sounds as awesome as it looks and must be quite a challenge playing to an analog loop. Sebastian Schultz more than holds up his half of the two piece and his presence brightens up every melody.

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When not designing web pages, plonking her rare guitars or banging on her eBay drums, Leslie Hampton haunts northern California clubs and house concerts photographing musicians.

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