The Drummers Of Rockstar-Mayhem 2013

The Drummers Of Rockstar-Mayhem 2013

The fact that Rob Zombie drummer Ginger Fish had Mayhem’s most spectacular drum gags didn’t overshadow his powerful tone and athletic playing style.

Jeremy Spencer’s LED acrylic kit complemented the Five Finger Death Punch drummer’s megawatt smile as he crushed in on the band’s set and during an e-pad assisted solo.

Not only does Brann Dailor probably play more fills than any other metal drummer but he also handles lead vocals in many of Mastodon’s songs. His kit --- every tom a different pattern and color scheme –-- is highly unorthodox not to mention totally dope!

It was hard to analyze Amon Amarth’s Fredrik Andersson’s technique with a Viking longship blocking him, but you better believe the thunder of Valhalla rained down on the Mayhem masses.

Dave McClain of Machine Head threatened to burst his skins with the force behind his strokes in what was some of his most creative playing ever.

Children Of Bodom playing second stage?! It’s a crime against metal, but Jaska Raatikainen didn’t seem to mind. The Grim Reaper figure on the bass reso head was a homey touch.

You would never guess from Mark Castillo’s stripped down setup that Emmure were one of the most brutal offerings at Mayhem — more proof that it ain’t the size of the kit but the soul of the drummer that counts.

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