Clinically Insane: Jimmy Degrasso and Todd Sucherman

Clinically Insane: Jimmy DeGrasso and Todd Sucherman

By Andrew Lentz Published March 11, 2010

Drummers: Todd Sucherman and Jimmy DeGrasso

Photographer:A. Lentz

Venue:San Jose Pro Drum, Willow Glen, California, March 6, 2010

Before the first note of this two-drummmer clinic was sounded, Alice Cooper drummer Jimmy Degrasso stressed that he and sparring partner, Styx's Todd Sucherman, were not battling in this so-called drum battle. The two men grooved mightily, complementing each other's unique styles, before taking riveting solos. An informative Q&A followed with both players cracking wise and spinning yarns. To cap the event, DeGrasso played along to an Alice Cooper track that exhibited impressive double-bass work while Sucherman did a song from his wife's band, showing a more melodic kind of playing.

DeGrasso played one of his older Pearl Masterworks kits while Sucherman opted for a Pearl Masters MCX setup.

Sucherman offered a serious dose of power, precision, and speed.

DeGrasso's meaty double-pedal work had an almost funky quality. He was equally agile up top.

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