Tommy Lee: How Does The Cruecifly Fly?


Tommy in flight (above,) and his custom E-Pro live kit (below).


All Bad Things Must Come To An End is the final tour of Motley Crue and Tommy Lee. Those who have seen the shows know Tommy is playing Tommy new Pearl E-Pro Live drum kit and rollercoaster rig—The Cruecifly.

What you may not know is how this differs from his standard rig. After all, playing upside down sixty feet in the air is not an everyday occurrence. First, the Cruecifly went through an exhausting series of tests to make sure it worked. They tried various configurations in order to understand what setup would work best. They had to take into consideration the width and length of drums in proporation to the riser, the distribution of weigh on the platform and the reaction of the drum set while upside down and traveling. Once that was right they had to make sure that Tommy could sit comfortably behind the kit and that it was still playable. Even with all that in mind, due to safety considerations, the Cruecifly has only made an appearance at some of the venues on the tour.

The tour runs through November 22, 2014, so you've still got time to see it. Go to

Here's a fan video of the Cruecifly (above) and the view from Tommy's seat (below).