Valeria Sepulveda At Musicians Institute

Hit Like A Girl Tears It Up At MI

  • Drummer: Valeria Sepulveda
  • Venue: Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California.
  • Web site:

2013 Hit Like A Girl contest champion Val Sepulveda presented a drum workshop during the Women's International Music Network's Summit at Musician's Institute in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The topic of the session was "Incorporating Latin Influences In Pop Music" and, using a well-organized PowerPoint presentation that included text, images and notation as well as audio and video examples, Val discussed and demonstrated how Latin drumming patterns are derived from dance styles and usually take the form of syncopated rhythms and authentic sounds. Val then explained how these influences can be used separately or combined to give pop and rock music a unique flavor and feel. Since she is originally from Chilé but now lives in the U.S., Val was also able to offer examples of how traditional Central and South America music has been changed by pop and rock influences, as well.

The clinic was sponsored by the TRX Cymbal Co. and the WIMN.

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