Chicago Drum Show 2013: The People

The 23rd annual Chicago Vintage and Custom Drum show is in the record books. The show, started by Rob Cook of Rebeats, is the world's premier collectible drum event. This year we met vintage drum fanatics who came from as far as Japan and Finland for the show. In part we present a gallery of clinicians and people at the event. Part 1 focuses on the drums.

Jim Haler

People of the Chicago Show: Jim Haler of Yamaha showed up to talk and answer questions with the crowd. The first Yamaha drums appeared in 1974.

East Hall

The show has two halls. The East (pictured) is all exhibits, while the west one has exhibits and clinics.

Taloose drums

Francine Bellson, Louie's widow, shared a booth at the show with Terry Loose of Power Wrist Builders.

Louie Bellson portrait

Louie Bellson was commemorated in a portrait done by Michael Del Priore. Michael's day gig is painting portraits for politicians and other luminaries. This one is headed to a museum, no doubt.

Louie Bellson portrait

Rob Cook of the Chicago Drum Show, artist Michael Del Priore and Francine Bellson with the Louie Bellson portrait.

{pagebreak} DRUM! Booth

Eric Frank of DRUM! works on the booth for the show.

Brad Schlueter and Nate Brown

DRUM! Magazine superstars contributors. Nate Brown of who does the "Groove Analysis" video for the mag and Brad Schlueter, who transcribes and writes product reviews. These guys are the best.

Louie Bellson portrait

Paul Wertico walked into the show Saturday morning and was asked "Can you do a clinic right now to replace an artist who didn't show?" So the ex-Metheny, Roosevelt University percussion prof stepped right up and gave a clinic on learning to be free behind the kit. Beautiful.

Daniel Glass

Daniel Glass of Royal Crown Revue and The Century Project wowed us with a tour of 1940s drumming..

Daniel Glass

Daniel Glass' work, in books, DVDs, and live performance, is about bringing the history of American music to life through drums.

{pagebreak} Dick Markus and Paul Wertico

Old friends Dick Markus of Evans Drumheads (left) and Paul Wertico.

Nick Kapka

Nick Kapka is a Chicago fireman, gigging drummer, and a fixture at these shows. He's also a great friend of the magazine who owns all 207 issues produced so far. Thanks, Nick. Here he's testing a beautiful Carolina Drumworks snare..

Vosbein, Greg Potter, Cathy Rich

(L to R) Michael Vosbein of Crescent Cymbals with Greg Potter and Cathy Rich (Buddy's daughter). Greg is the drummer for the Buddy Rich Big Band which is about to go on a Japanese tour with Peter Erskine and other drummers.


After the first day of the show we got together for a night of vintage drumming discussion with Dennis Brown, a legendary student of early jazz drumming (lower right). The others are (L to R) Michael Vosbein, DRUM! Publisher Phil Hood, Daniel Glass, Leann and Bob Hyams of the Black Widow drum rug. (Front row) Eric Frank of DRUM! and Dennis Brown.

Master class Daniel Glass

Master classes also run during the show, giving attendees the opportunity for more in-depth instruction. I think Daniel Glass is teaching advanced stick balancing.