Musician In A Haystack

Musician In A Haystack

There’s a secret I once happened to overhear at a NAMM show that is supposedly passed between experienced players and industry veterans. At first I thought it was perhaps cheating, and that the piece of knowledge was best left a secret. But then I said to myself, “why not just let the cat out of the bag?” So…apparently there’s a shortcut, or pragmatic method, you can use to identify musicians. Here it is:

"If they can play their instrument then they’re a musician."

About once a year a band emerges that takes music seriously. Every couple years one of these bands writes a tune so good that I stay up till three in the morning with a pair of headphones on while repeatedly hitting the backward arrow on I-Tunes interface over and over again. I can assure that the little bubble on the volume bar is pushed all the way over to the right, where it’s impossible to make the music any louder. I’ve even gone to the "View" option in the pulldown menu, clicked on "show equalizer," and cranked the preamp till it starts sounding like a lowered Camaro with subwoofers driving by my home at 3 A.M. (not that I can hear it because I-Tunes is turned up so loud).

The band that created the tune this time around was A Wilhelm Scream, and they just put out a new self-titled E.P. on Paper and Plastick Records (owned by Vinnie from Less Than Jake). The song is called "Bulletproof Tiger," and I highly suggest that you download it immediately. To give you an idea of what it sounds like--if you took Iron Maiden, Strung Out, Propagandhi, Hot Water Music and some fucking emo band from ten years ago and put them all together, then you would get a taste of about 10 seconds of a Wilhelm tune.

Drummer Nick Angelini, while technically proficient on his instrument, always plays for the song. In fact, one of the nicest parts of this band is the fact that all the musicians are aware of what their band members are doing—they’re always playing together. And the bassist in this band…my God, wait till you hear Bri Robinson on the track “Skid Rock.” After you download the new E.P. you should then go pick up their most recent full length Career Suicide, immediately followed by visiting Youtube and typing the words “The Horse Wilhelm Scream” into the search engine.

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