In Their Own Words: SJC’s Mike Ciprari

We talk with Mike Ciprari of SJC Custom Drums.


Atom Willard: The Clutch Man

Atom Willard has become the most recent drummer to land in Against Me! Has he finally found a home?


Jack Irons: Changing Channels

Jack Irons tells us about making Arthur Channel's self-titled debut album, working with The Wallflowers, and his solo project Blue Manatee.

How To

Lolasana: The Dangle Pose

Resident Yoga instructor Robert Barton compares this pose to the ghost notes of a Purdie shuffle.


Breaking The Band: Part II

Robert S. Lewis continues his installment on taking a band to the next level, and producing enough material for an album.


Dan Carle: Kick It To Win It

We sit down with After The Burial drummer Dan Carle to talk about the band's latest album, Wolves Within at a show in Reno.

How To

How To Write Drum Charts

Nashville-based session artist, producer, author, and drum instructor Liz Ficalora gives us some time saving shortcuts to writing drum charts.

New Blood

New Blood: Matt McGuire

Meet Matt McGuire, an aspiring Internet drummer.


In Their Own Words: Cactus Moser

Cactus Moser shares with us details of the crash, his painstaking rehabilitation, and why he thinks the tragedy has made him a better drummer and husband.

How To

Pump It Up: Baby Got Back

Bobby Rock gives us three foundational movements we can do two-three times a week to condition the back, backside, and hamstrings.