Performance, PASIC, Video

Mike Johnston Performs At PASIC 2013

Mike Johnston performs at PASIC 2013.


Mike Mangini: Wired Science

Lucky for Dream Theater, drummer Mike Mangini knows exactly how to keep the synapses firing and the creativity flowing at maximum intensity.


Cyber Spotlight: Bruno Valverde

Cyber Spotlight artist Bruno Valverde performs a metal cover of Lady Gaga's "Judas."

Performance, PASIC, Video

Jason Bittner Performance

Jason Bittner performs at PASIC 2013.


15 Steps To Becoming A More Creative Drummer

In a world of grid-centric pop and preprogrammed beats, creativity and player personality have taken the biggest hits. But hope remains for the unique.


Rhythmic Physician: ‘Bow Worries

When elbow pain develops with gripping a stick or hitting your drums, seek help immediately before you risk worsening the condition.


How I Got The Gig: Emmanuelle Caplette

Emmanuelle Caplette tells DRUM! how she got her Circa Zero gig via a text from a random dude saying he wanted her to join a bad with The Police bassist.


Moment In History: The Surf Beat

Take a look back at how surf-rock was first introduced to the rock and roll scene, how it evolved from rhythm and blues, and changed music forever.


P.O.V.: Go-To Cymbal Patterns

We ask drummers Steve Brown, Danny Thompson, Michael Miley, Ron Lipnicki, and Jesse Marquardt what their go-tot cymbal patterns are.


Brad Wilk: Swinging The Chain

When Black Sabbath tapped Brad Wilk to record their latest album, it took all the nerve and skill he had to fill the shoes of his childhood idol, Bill Ward.