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Omar Phillips: Recreating The Outkast Sound

Omar Phillips

Omar Phillips gets around. As the drummer for Outkast he has lately been on tour with Big Boi and Andre 3000, currently in a career uptake with recent performances at Coachella and other big events. Omar (or “O”) has also lent his talents to tours or records with Curtis Mayfield, Bono, Mary J. Blige, Usher, and Leela James. We interviewed him by email during the recent tour.


Sean Reinert: Prog’s Secret Weapon

When Cynic broke up, drummer Sean Reinert never dreamed the ripples it created would be felt two decades later. But life in a band is only one of many paths for this adventurous musician.


311’s Chad Sexton: Let It Be

Even on the cusp of his band's twelfth album release, after 26 years of hard touring, Chad Sexton still doesn't want to think too much about 311.


George Kollias: Priest Of Speed

With a fierce new Nile album, At The Gate Of Sethu, instructional DVD, and wake of melted bass beaters, George Kollias is drumming's leading speed star.


Jack Irons: Changing Channels

Jack Irons tells us about making Arthur Channel's self-titled debut album, working with The Wallflowers, and his solo project Blue Manatee.