7 Steps For A Hassle-Free Gig

Drum Tension Rod

There’s nothing worse than having an equipment malfunction or failure at a gig. Here are seven tips that can keep those onstage nightmares at bay.


Health Tips: I Can’t Hear You!

It takes only 15 minutes of noise exposure of 100-115dB without ear protection before you may begin to damage your hearing. Better safe than sorry, eh?


Elvin Jones: Suggested Listening

Elvin Jones is often called by critics a “force of nature,” as if the music just happened, like a hurricane or tornado. That’s mainly because there are so few words for what Elvin did. But Elvin was one of the most creative and thoughtful musicians who ever put stick to skin.


Health Tips: All Cramped Up?

Do you ever suffer from cramps? Amazingly, science can’t explain why they happen, but there are a few things you can do to prevent them.