15 Drummers Remember Their Worst Gigs

Dirty Arya (Skindred)

Where: New Oasis club in Reno, Nevada
When: Summer 2004
What: We had never played “Tears” live before, and were toying around with the arrangement to do something a little different from the record. We had a go of it in sound check and I kept messing it up. We get on stage, crack into the first number, and the lighting rig goes down and we are playing in complete darkness! The gig is going pretty well even though we are in the dark, but then I look down and see “Tears” is the next song! I’m trying to signal to our singer Benji that I didn’t want to play it, but of course he couldn’t see me. We get through part of the song but then I mess it up and the song grinds to a halt. The lights came back on and I had to sheepishly count the song back, in front of a thousand people!

Deen Castronovo (Journey)

When: 1983
Where: Keystone Club in San Francisco, California
What: My metal band Wild Dogs had just finished our encore. I came out from behind the drums to take a bow and the lighting director blacked out the stage, I tripped and landed face first right in front of my drum riser. Trying to be the teenage metal God didn’t quite work that evening.

Jordan Burns (Strung Out)

When: 1998
Where: Garage Club in Barcelona, Spain
What: My drums were set up on a riser, on an already fairly high stage, and I barely had any room behind my throne to the end of the riser. My tech had warned me to be careful getting on and off my kit. Well, once we were done with our set, I turned around and stepped right off the back of the riser and fell about six feet down behind the stage. I tweaked my ankle pretty good and ended up crawling out from behind the stage. I hopped on one leg over to a chair while my band was laughing. They seemed to get a kick out of it. Luckily, it wasn’t a serious injury. I make sure to watch my step on sketchy stages now.

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