200 Greatest! Drumming Events

200 Greatest Events

Debut Of YouTube

Once teachers and students began to use the online video-sharing site, almost immediately after its debut in 2005, in-person lessons became much less lucrative as a business. On the plus side, it also helped countless drummers launch careers from the comfort of home.

200 Greatest Events

Longest Hand Drumming Performance

In July 2009, Indian percussionist Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan performed for 501 hours straight at the Rhythm Therapy Hall in Kerala, India. Ramakrishan’s time beat the previous record by a whopping 177 hours. He had a record in this category before, with 101 hours, which was beaten in May 2009.

200 Greatest Events

Mike Mangini Replaces Mike Portnoy in Dream Theater

Nothing in recent memory caused more scuttlebutt than when Portnoy left DT in 2010. With drum-jocks like Thomas Lang and Marco Minnemann vying for the vacant chair, the online forums were humming with speculation as to the chosen one before Mangini was officially named in 2011.

200 Greatest Events

Yamaha’s Mousetrap—style Drum Setup For Lexus Ad

Yamaha and Lexus got together on this critically acclaimed TV commercial in 2011 featuring a Lesus IS speeding through an airplane hangar along a chain of Yamaha drums and running over strategically placed pedals in perhaps the most deliberately difficult way ever conceived of making beats.

200 Greatest Events

Largest Drum Ensemble

At 798 drummers, the Stick It To MS benefit at EventCity in Manchester, England on July 15, 2012, constitutes the largest full drum kit ensemble. The event included two full performances, one led by an in-person conductor and one by metronome. Take that, MS!

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