200 Greatest! Drumming Events

200 Greatest Events

Papa Jo Jones’ Approach

Though the precise date are unknown, Jones is widely credited with three major contributions to jazz drumming: Transferred time keeping to the ride cymbal (away from the bass drum), used the hi-hat as a musical instrument in its own right, and popularized brushwork.

200 Greatest Events

Invention Of Steel-Pan Drums

In the early 1930s, Trinidadians began making music out of found objects such as hubcaps, biscuit tins, and garbage pail lids. Local musician Winston Spree hammered in dents of various sizes to create the note scale of modern steel-pan drums.

200 Greatest Events

First European Cymbal In The U.S.

With roots in the pre-Soviet Russian empire, Tallinn, Estonia—based Paiste exports its first cymbals to the U.S. in 1932. The cymbals are distributed by Ludwig.

200 Greatest Events

Rudiments Codified

In 1933 a group of drummers convened in Chicago to discuss methods of teaching drumming. They came up with the first 13 “rudiments of drumming.” Another 13 rudiments were added to form the Twenty Six Essential Rudiments Of Drumming and with it, the creation of the National Association Of Rudimental Drummers. In 1962, NARD published a book containing 150 solo scores written by its members.

200 Greatest Events

Publication of Stick Control

In 1935, George Lawrence Stone, a former music store proprietor and founding member of NARD wrote the grand daddy of all method books used by Morello, Lionel Hampton, and Vic Firth.

200 Greatest Events

Introduction Of Drum Set In Country Music

Bob Wills had incorporated drums into his band Texas Playboys as early as 1935. Wills said in an interview circa 1950 that he felt that a beat was necessary to make the music more danceable.

200 Greatest Events

Buddy Rich’s First Breakout Appearance

Though a former child hood star who had his first public drumming performance as a toddler, Buddy Rich’s arrival as a de facto drumming star was in 1939 when he joined Artie Shaw’s big band, which featured Billie Holiday as the vocalist.

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