200 Greatest! Albums & Performances

200 Greatest Events

Dave Grohl on Nevermind

The drum parts are not at all complicated in Nirvana’s groundbreaking 1991 grunge release, but the caveman-like power, thunderous groove, and joyous abandon with which Grohl attacked his kit while playing perfectly for the song stands as some of the most influential rock drumming of the last 20 years.

200 Greatest Events

Burning For Buddy

The 1994 tribute saw the cream of drumming’s crop each perform a song with Buddy Rich’s backing band. The lineup included Morello, Weckl, Gadd, Cobham, Roach, Phillips, Bruford, Aronoff, Sorum, and other bold-faced drummers as well as Neil Peart, who produced it.

200 Greatest Events

Tony Royster Jr./Dennis Chambers Duet

Long before he got the Jay-Z gig, you can get a glimpse of a 14-year-old Royster’s burgeoning gospel chops with Dennis Chambers acting as a foil to Royster’s youthful flash from this 1998 video.

200 Greatest Events

Thomas Lang’s “Best Drum Solo Of The World”

The video (with nearly 9 million views) from a festival in Hamburg, Germany, in 2001, heralded the arrival of a new breed of player, sometimes known as the drum jockey. It currently stands as the most viewed drum performance on YouTube.

200 Greatest Events

Drumming At The 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympics opening ceremonies are the go-to venue for pushing the limits of large-scale coordination. We didn’t think anything could beat the 39 snares, 38 basses, 24 tenors, and 40 cymbals doing their thing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, until we saw those thousands of drummer boys working with almost disturbing machine-like precision in Beijing in 2008.

200 Greatest Events

“Korean Drummer Takes The Show” YouTube

This viral video is not drumming’s finest moment, and yet we couldn’t stop watching. Neither could a million other people. The 72-year-old drummer, Kwon Soon Keun, also inspired an upcoming feature-length film.

200 Greatest Events

“This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig” YouTube

Maybe you consider it an affront to the art, but at 21 million–plus views, Steve Moore (aka The Mad Drummer)’s apoplectic performance on his cover band’s rendition of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” proves he knows a thing or two about effective showmanship.

200 Greatest Events

Buddy Rich, Ed Shaughnessy on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

From a 1978 episode, the drum duet starts out with Ed and Buddy mirroring each other and gradually becomes more competitive before returning to a deliciously frenzied synchronicity.


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