2007’s Greatest Hits

2007's Greatest Hits

The Police Tour, the tantalizing and postponed Zep reunion and that kid on YouTube who created a drum solo by filming one hit at a timeā€¦.2007 held a lot of surprises. Well reprise some great moments, and some low moments, from recordings, new gear, events like NAMM and PASIC, concerts and more in the next few days, drawing on the experiences of the readers of DRUM! and TRAPS.

The Police Reunion

A generation of drumming fanatics grew up listening to Stewart Copeland's ska-slick grooves and rimshot accents. After waiting two decades for their hero's return their prayers were answered in the summer of 2007 when Sting, Stewart and Andy hit the road. Tickets were pricey but worth it, at least if you saw one of the later shows where the band had jelled.

DRUM! sat down with the legend and produced a remarkable cover story last summer. You can view the entire July, 2007 issue here.

The Max Roach Appreciation Phone Call

Funniest phone message of 2007. This guy called us after Max Roach died, wanting to impress us with the need for a cover story on the jazz legend. Since TRAPS had just featured him on a cover, we ran a rather standard bio, but this call, well, you've just got to hear it for yourself.


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