The 2015 Drummies! Artist Awards

The Readers Have Spoken

While it requires years of study and practice just to deliver a respectable performance, drumming isn’t simply a craft attained by taking a series of steps. It’s a universal language that can express emotions, convey ideas, and inspire ingenuity, which is why it’s important for every drummer to have something to say.

Just as you wouldn’t want to read the same sentence twice, you also don’t want to hear all drummers spin the same licks. True innovators endlessly push the limits of their technique and reach beyond their grasp to enhance and expand the drumming vocabulary. Our annual Drummies! Readers Poll exists solely to recognize their great contributions.

About the process: We first reached out to experts in the drum and recording industries to nominate finalists in each category. Once they were tabulated, we took the four top vote winners and asked you, our readers, to choose those drummers and percussionists who would win the ultimate prize. This year, we also offered an optional write-in candidate during the final vote, to level the playing field. So here are the winners of the 2014 Drummies! Artist Awards, chosen by you.