Earthside Is Cinematic Rock

The band Earthside describes their debut album A Dream In Static (not yet released) as "a story of purposeful sacrifice and existential yearning told across sweeping instrumental movements fashioning an ever-changing sound." To help promote the album, drummer Ben Shanbrom recorded this exclusive playthrough video of the track "The Closest I've Come". As you find out he can shred and is ridiculously accurate. The first time he hit those mini Tama timbales in the intro was magical. You detail oriented types should look out for that odd hi-hat/china crossover action he does right before that short pause near the end. Do we even need to discuss the optimal climax Ben executes like a machine? Fans of progressive metal who like listening to music that sounds like it shouldn't have come from planet earth will like Earthside.

Ben's Earthside Kit


  • Smith (now HM Drums)10" Rack Tom
  • Smith 12" Rack Tom
  • Smith 16" Floor Tom
  • Smith 22" Kick Drum
  • Ludwig 8"X14" Black Magic Snare Drum
  • Tama 8" and 10" Mini Timbales
Cymbals (from left to right are):
  • Paiste 2002 5" Cup Chime
  • Paiste 2002 6" Cup Chime
  • Sabian HHX 7" Evolution Splash
  • Sabian AAX 14" Stage Hats
  • Sabian AAX 18" Freq Crash
  • Sabian AAX 16" Bright Crash
  • Sabian AAX 18" Chinese Cymbal
  • Sabian AAX 20" Stage Ride
  • Aquarian Performance II on tom batter heads were used on all toms,
  • Aquarian Classic Clear on bottom toms.
  • Aquarian Force 10" snare batter
  • Aquarian Classic Clear snare side
  • Aquarian Super Kick II
  • Aquarian Super-2 on the timbales
  • Promark 5B Shira Kashi Oak
  • Pearl Eliminator P2002C

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