P.O.V.:Which Artist Would You Play With?

Billy Thommes

Band: Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Age: 44
Years Playing: 32
"Although it'd be difficult to pick which incarnation, I'd have to say King Crimson. Their music and way of doing things always seems to be such fertile ground for creative and inspired drumming."

Ron Wikso

Band:Foreigner, David Lee Roth, Cher
Age: 55
Years Playing: 48
"It would have to be the Beatles. They changed music and society as a whole, in ways that will likely never happen again, and explored and developed such stylistic variety and inventiveness as their music evolved and grew."

Jordan Burns

Band:Strung Out
Age: 33
Years Playing: 6
"Rush would be my choice. It would rule to jam with Geddy and Alex and of course to pretend that I could play drums like the master Neil Peart. I'm dreaming of those fills right now!"

Mike Terrana

Bands: Sinfonica, Terrana
Age: 55
Years Playing: 35
"With all due respect to John Bonham, I am absolutely positive I could have never created the magical drum parts he did, but it would be a blast to just try to rock with Led Zeppelin."

Alvino Bennett

Bands: Dave Mason, Robin Trower
Age: 61
Years Playing: 51
"Jimi Hendrix would've been the guy to play with. He was such a soulful player, rhythm and lead, all at the same time, just as the classic blues players did. No one today even comes close."