David Adrián: Lone Wolf

Age 33
Equipment Sonor Ascent drums, Sabian cymbals, Vater sticks, and Evans heads
Contact davidadrianmusic.com

Nothing spoils a performance like blown-out audio, but you’ll barely notice the echo-chamber drum room when David Adrián puts a new kit through its paces on “Sonor Test #1.” The Squid approached the “La Cucaracha” clip with caution but was floored to hear the mariachi classic rendered so coolly drum-istic. After studying at MI in Los Angeles and Facultad de Música in Monterrey, Adrián built a steady following doing clinics around Mexico and hawking his instructional DVD. Under the moniker DrumDJ, he plays solo in clubs, fashions shows, etc., mixing his own electronic compositions with acoustic drums in real time. Somehow he finds time to also play with electro-rockers Skalle. Despite his chameleon tendencies, it’s improv mode (i.e. “Duet For Piano And Drums,” “Improvising In 9/8”) where the drummer really cooks. It’s a lot of drum activity, but Adrián clearly illustrates how Mexican players have to work twice as hard as their yanquí counterparts to get noticed.