How To Build A Snare Drum From Scratch

It’s time to prepare the drum to be marked and drilled by applying tape to strategic sections of shell. The tape allows us to mark lines and drill points where various pieces of hardware will be fitted, and also helps us drill cleanly through the shell with a minimum of splintering. This process is delicate. If the shell is marked incorrectly in any way the outcome can be disastrous.

This contraption is the cutter that shapes our snare beds. After we cut the bed with this machine we use a file to finish the contour of the bed. The final result is an almost imperceptible indentation that pulls the snare wires into the resonant head, maximizing the snare effect.

After the beds are finished, we once again direct our attention toward the edges, sanding them by hand with two different grades of sandpaper to make them as smooth as they can be.

Once the edges are finished, we sand the inside of the shell and give the wrap a quick cleaning on our buffing wheel.

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