Brian Tichy & Michael Devin On Bonham

Brian Tichy & Michael Devin: Backstage Bonham Q&A

Brian Tichy

Immediately after the Bonham Birthday Bash at House Of Blues in Hollywood, California, on May 31, 2012, where nearly two dozen pro drummers had just finished celebrating Bonzo’s birth 64 years ago with their heartfelt renditions of classic Led Zeppelin tunes, we cornered event organizer and current Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy in one of the backstage dressing rooms to talk about what just transpired and to hear a little about his love for the man of the hour, John Bonham. To our surprise, we were soon joined by Tichy’s Whitesnake bandmate and bassist for the evening’s backing band, The Moby Dicks, Michael Devin, for some spirited discussion on Zep’s iconic rhythm section and the correct pronunciation of “Kashmir.”

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